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Maritime Heritage East

Maritime Heritage East (MHE) is a unique programme running across the East of England working with over 40 museums, whose goal is to establish and develop the position and importance of maritime history, both within the region and nationally.

The programme is managed through the award winning Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth, the nominated gateway museum for the region.

On this website you can search for practical information such as museum opening times and admission costs as well as spend time exploring online exhibitions and journeying through themes, which unite the maritime collections across the East of England.

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Find maritime museums and collections in the east of England.

Featured Museum

Nottage Maritime Institute

The museum is located in a former sail loft and is part of the Nottage Maritime Institute which aims to improve nautical, sailing and navigation skills.

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Browse through the main subjects in our maritime collections.

Featured Theme

Coastal Environment

Fishing for herring dominated the fishing along the East Coast, especially at Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.

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Search our online archive.

Featured Archive Object

Sailor's Valentine

Sailors’ Valentines are the hexagonal shell designs which sailors returning from the West Indies supposedly put together using attractively shaped and coloured shells collected from the Caribbean to present to their wives or girlfriends when they reached home

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See individual museum's online exhibitions.

Featured Exhibition

Captain George Manby

Captain George Manby (1765-1854) was Master of the Great Yarmouth artillery barracks during the early 19th century and during his time there he designed many inventions for saving lives at sea.

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