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Royal Naval Patrol Service Museum

Royal Naval Patrol Service Museum

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Lydia Eva: The Watchmoor years

About Us

The museum is situated in part of wartime base of the Royal Naval Patrol Service (HMS Europa). Visitors can experience a trip to the past with the help of the memorabilia on display.

The RNPS undertook two major duties during WW2, in an Anti-Submarine role and in Minesweeping, as well as duties number of lesser roles. A large collection of photographs together with ship models, original ship's crests and personal possessions illustrate the history of the fishermen reservists who were originally recruited to clear sea mines around the coasts of Britain.

In the early days of WW2 they mainly using converted fishing trawlers. In the later years of WW2 men were conscripted from all civilian occupations and many of the vessels were purpose-built for their tasks.

Boards line the walls of the Europa room listing the honours awarded to members of the RNPS.

The museum is mainly based on this one branch of the Royal Navy and in so doing provides a special experience for the visitor wishing to learn more about the Royal Naval Patrol Service.


Admission Costs

!!! FREE !!!

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Opening Hours

9am - 12pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday (closed for the Christmas period - contact the museum for more details)

Access to the museum can be made available at other times by arrangement - please telephone the Museum Office: 01502 584555.


Royal Naval Patrol Service Museum
Sparrows Nest Gardens
Whapload Road
NR32 1XG

Email: hq@rnpsa.co.uk
Tel:    01502 584555

Latitude: 0.052° 52' 41.1° N Longitude: 0.01 ° 26' 15.9° E


Other Information

'The Stannard Room', the 'slops' shop and the administrative offices of the Royal Naval Patrol Service are on the first floor as shown in the photograph above. Access is at the rear via a flight of stone steps (lift access is also available).

'The Europa Room', on the ground floor behind the adjacent War Memorial Museum, can be accessed by wheelchair users.

Both rooms are in some of the few remaining original WW2 buildings left in Sparrow's Nest, Lowestoft.

Website: www.rnpsa.co.uk



A single external flight of stone stairs with one handrail leads to the Stannard Room. The Europa Room is on the ground floor.


There is a lift for access to the first floor museum room which is designed for wheelchair users, making all parts of the building accessible for those who are less mobile.

How to Find Us

The museum is located in Sparrow's Nest Gardens in the north of Lowestoft off the A47 (formerly A12). There is limited on street parking available along Whapload Road but a large free car park opposite the entrance to the Gardens.


Some Photos of Our Museum

Salvaged steering engine
The Europa Room
Mock-up of a trawler bridge
Stannard Room
Crest of the Motor Minesweeper (Mickey Mouse) MMS 1558
Ship's Crest


Posted:2013 11 23 17:20:52 GMT
Thank you for this information,and web site. My father was Ernest Benjamin Moyse and he was killed in 1944, on 24th June. I was only one year old so to read about these men and their experiences is comforting to have some knowledge of what they went through. My dad was a Lowestoft man from a fishing family and mum said he joined the RNPS as soon as war broke out. They were very brave men under awful circumstances, but did such an amazing job. Thank you once again.
Rosina Mead nee Moyse Hitchin, Herts

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