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Ipswich Maritime Trust

Ipswich Maritime Trust

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The Spritsail Sailing Barge

Millers & Maltsers of Ipswich

Sailmaking in Ipswich

About Us



Ipswich Maritime Trust was formed as a result of Maritime England in 1982.  Its aims are, amongst others, to promote the education of the public in Maritime History and the science of shipping and related subjects especially in relation to Suffolk. To this end it holds regular lectures during the winter.


It has long held the aspiration to see a Maritime museum near the Dock in Ipswich. When the East of England Development Agency took on the Cranfield Mills site for redevelopment, the Trust made approaches to see if some kind of maritime heritage provision could be incorporated in the development.  This in turn lead to fruitful discussions with Wharfside Regeneration and their Architects John Lyall Associates, the result of which was the idea for a series of museum quality cases as ‘windows’ on either side of the pedestrian route leading from the dockside through the central square of the development to the town centre.


The development has been in two stages and the first part of our Window Museum is now open to public view at all times. The displays will be regularly changed.


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C/O 501 Wherstead Road







Latitude: 52.05208352° 52' 41.1° N Longitude: 1.156061 ° 26' 15.9° E


Other Information

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How to Find Us

 The Ipswich Maritime Trust Window Museum is to be found on Albion Quay Ipswich Dock , Close to the Dance East Studios


Some Photos of Our Museum

Looking towards the water
another view of the Window Museum

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