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Excelsior Trust

Excelsior Trust

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The Excelsior Trust's Historic Vessels

Historical Fishing Vessels

About Us

The Excelsior Trust aims to preserve historical sailing ships in use.

The Trust was set up in 1982 to restore their first vessel, the Lowestoft smack EXCELSIOR, back to her appearance when built to fish for plaice in the southern North Sea.  In 1989 this work was completed and she was fitted out below decks as a sail training vessel for anyone who wishes to experience our maritime heritage first-hand. 

Young people are particularly welcomed, as the future of our maritime hertiage rests in their hands.  We also try to help those that are disadvantaged, and there are plenty of opportunities for adults. 

In keeping EXCELSIOR sailing, a good knowledge of how to work a commercial ketch, and Lowestoft smacks in particular, is being maintained.  This also means that all the skills needed to look after traditionally constructed wooden vessels have to be kept alive.

To do this the Trust has its own Operating Base and Shipyard in Lowestoft.  It also owns other vessels, some of which do not have a local connection but are restoration projects for the maintenance of skills on a day-by-day basis.

During the year open days are held aboard EXCELSIOR, usually at Lowestoft and Ipswich.  Visits to the yard are restricted for safety reasons, but party bookings can be arranged. 

For more information about the Trust, sailing opportunities, the traditional maintenance facilities, and visitor berths, visit their Web site at www.excelsiortrust.co.uk

Admission Costs

EXCELSIOR   This depends upon the event.  Open days are usually free, but donations towards maintanance are appreciated.

Opening Hours

Trips aboard EXCELSIOR have to be booked and planned in advance.  See Website for details, where news of Open Days and Events are also posted.


Excelsior Yard
Harbour Road
Oulton Broad
NR32 3LY

Tel: +44 (0)1603 455460 

Latitude: 52.47670852° 52' 41.1° N Longitude: 1.7179351 ° 26' 15.9° E



EXCELSIOR  As a working historic vessel accessibility aboard  is very limited.  Call 01502 585302 for details.

SHIPYARD  Not open to the public, but ships can seen on the slip from the footpath along the foreshore.  This footpath is not suitable for wheelchairs.

How to Find Us

EXCELSIOR  Summer - usually anywhere around the East Coast of England.

                  Winter - at her fitting out berth in Lowestoft.

The Excelsior Yard and Operating Base is at the end of Harbour Road, off Bridge Road, Oulton Broad.  The most interesting route is to take the footpath along the north shore of Lake Lothing from the Mutford Lock roundabout. 


Some Photos of Our Museum

Beam view of EXCELSIOR
EXCELSIOR with all sails set at the start of a Tall Ships Race
EXCELSIOR's mooring with the Slipways and large Boat Shed behind
Excelsior Trust Operating Base
EXCELSIOR being maintained on the No1 Slip
Excelsior Trust Slipways

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